Shentu Chain Light-paper

Originally published
February 10, 2021

2021 is the Year of the OX in the Chinese Lunar New Year. During the Chinese New Year, CertiK would like to give away a total of 100,000 points of rewards to our community members!

According to legends, there was once a monstrous creature named Nian (年). Once a year, it would come out of the forest at night and devour entire villages. The steps taken to protect against Nian during New Year’s Eve transformed into the Spring Festival celebration.

Parents would give children money that night. This way, the children would have something to bribe the monster or other evil spirits with.

Nowadays, the money in red envelopes (also called red packet) is known as 压岁钱 (yā suì qián). Literally, it is “money to anchor the year.” It is also known as “Lucky Money” or “New Year’s Money.”

Try your hand at grabbing a Red Envelope and unveiling a lucky project! 

Campaign Duration: Feb 11 — Feb 23

Total number of campaigns: 4

Duration of each campaign: 72 hours

Who can Participate: Everyone!

Game rules (super simple):

  1. Enter the campaign link (we will share the link on twitter)
  2. Follow @certikorg as instructed
  3. Click the game link displayed, a new window will open
  4. Select your lucky red packet and click on it, the red packet will open and you will get your lucky project card!
  5. Copy the link of your lucky project card (it’s copied for you automatically) and return to the previous campaign page.
  6. Retweet this campaign with your lucky project link and @ your lucky project as instructed.

You can come back and re-draw the Red Packet every hour during the active campaign time, until you see a project feeling lucky about, then retweet it via the campaign page!

If you’re selected as a winner, you can redeem your points to CTK in CertiK Deepwallet!

Winner Selection Rules::

  1. CertiK will participate in all 5 campaigns and select our lucky project card! We will screen-record our selection process and post it after each campaign ends. If your lucky project is the same as ours, you are in the winners pool!
  2. CertiK will randomly select 10 lucky winners from the winners pool. Each winner will get 25,000/10 = 2,500 points
  3. You are encouraged to participate in all 5 campaigns because the winner’s rewards are CUMULATED!! (if you are lucky enough to be selected as winners from 2 campaigns, then you will get 2,500 *2 = 5,000 points!)
  4. SPECIAL WINNER: If your retweet is replied, retweeted or liked by your lucky project, message us with your screenshot! The first three users will earn TRIPLE REWARDS instantly — 2,500*3 = 7,500 points!