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Originally published
April 21, 2021

CertiK is proud to announce a strategic partnership with AmaZix, a leader in blockchain community management. Through a joint offering, AmaZix will be providing projects with community management, CertiK’s end to end security, marketing, and legal advisory.

Marco Calicchia, Business Development Manager at CertiK said:

“AmaZix works with top projects providing much needed advisory services. Now that security is a necessity, no longer an afterthought, the synergy between our offerings allows both of us to bolster our offerings. AmaZix is an excellent addition to our partner network and we are excited to continue to grow together.”

Paolo Anziano, Co-Founder of Amazix said:

“Our partnership with CertiK deepens our commitment to AmaZix blockchain clients worldwide, and in particular, the burgeoning blockchain, DeFi, and NFT sectors. We can find no better partner than industry-leading CertiK, to enhance AmaZix’s value to our customers, and to deliver this truly unique and innovative service offering.

About CertiK

CertiK is a leading blockchain and smart contract verification platform. Founded in 2017 by top formal verification professors from Yale and Columbia Universities, CertiK has since audited hundreds of blockchain and DeFi projects.

The CertiK security suite protects all stages of the project lifecycle. This begins with pre-deployment smart contract auditing, continues with on-chain monitoring tools, and wraps up with CertiKShield: a decentralized on-chain mutual that provides reimbursement protection in the event of a covered loss or hack.

CertiK knows what it takes to achieve meaningful security. We enable developers and investors to continue pushing the crypto space to new heights, safe in the knowledge that they’re protected by CertiK.

About AmaZix

Hong Kong-based AmaZix Limited is the world’s largest blockchain advisory ecosystem with technical expertise in blockchain technology, community management, PR and marketing, and business development. Founded by a team of six, the AmaZix family is now closing in on 150 consultants, social media managers, and community moderators.

AmaZix has collectively managed various aspects of marketing and business development strategies of over 200 blockchain startups. The AmaZix analyst team has meticulously broken down hundreds of crypto projects (including security, utility, and hybrid tokens) and knows exactly what is needed to grow a blockchain project meticulously and successfully.

This earned the company an unparalleled reputation as the industry leader built on trust, expertise, ethics, and a proven track record.