Building the future of Security on Binance Smart Chain

Originally published
March 2, 2021

The rapid rise in growth of Binance Smart Chain and the mounds of innovation built upon it has not gone unheard.

Marking a 14-day average of 2.6M, BSC now doubles Ethereum on transaction volumes, and that number is still growing everyday. It is because that BSC provides a decentralized yet efficient platform for end users interacting with DeFi applications with better experience and lower cost.

Oftentimes, with higher reward comes higher risk. With such remarkable prosperity, security becomes an inevitable topic that both the BSC platform and the entire ecosystem system players pay intense attention to. 

This is why CertiK, as a leader in blockchain security, introduced a new Security Leaderboard for BSC projects, which showcases each project's security efforts and encourages DeFi participants to DYOR from a security perspective.

As a trusted security partner of BSC, CertiK’s mission is to produce trustworthy security insights to the community for projects on BSC, Ethereum, and more protocols, providing a stronger backbone to support a flourishing DeFi ecosystem.