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March 4, 2021

In 1831, Faraday formally discovered the law of electromagnetic induction.

However, Faraday, who was born in a poor family, did not have systematic mathematical knowledge and could not use scientific language to explain the principle of electromagnetic induction. It was not until 30 years later that young scientist Maxwell and other scholars fully expressed this law, and Faraday was recognized as one of the greatest physicists of the 19th century.

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In the history of human development, similar things abound. No great invention is made by one person alone.

Behind it is the cooperation and integration of countless people’s dedication. The value of blockchain has now been truly recognized by the world. Its technology has been deployed to underpin the processes of a number of sectors, not least the newly emerging financial system. Blockchain is weaving its way into the very fabric of society. However, from a performance point of view, the development of public chains will be difficult to support, and the technical threshold of cross-chain cooperation can result in significant friction.. In terms of scalability, transaction efficiency, and security risks, public chains are currently unable to fully meet the expectations of application scenarios.

Although many current public chains have cross-chain strength, they may lack performance and practicality, and public chains with performance and practicality may ignore regulatory compliance requirements. For the current public chains, what they lack is a unified platform that can solve the aforementioned problems.

In December 2020, an ecological chain that can integrate the main functions and characteristics of cross-chain public chains, high-performance public chains, and financial compliance public chains was born.

To help developers build decentralized applications flexibly and efficiently, Huobi announced the official launch of the ecological chain Huobi ECO Chain (Heco). It is a decentralized, high-efficiency, and energy-saving public chain and the first product launched on the Huobi Open Platform (Open API). On the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, the compatibility of smart contracts is realized.

Since the official launch of the Heco mainnet, it has repeatedly set new highs in terms of on-chain data. The public chain is the most concerned section in the blockchain industry and can almost determine the speed and quality of the future development of the entire blockchain industry. Therefore, its security has always attracted attention.

For a public chain to be cemented as a leader in the space, security, at a fundamental level and beyond, must be awarded top priority. As a response CertiK, leaders in the blockchain security industry, has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Heco to provide technical support for its security in areas such as blockchain platforms, digital asset trading platforms, and smart contracts.

Heco will invite CertiK to provide security support and security assurance for its business-related smart contracts, including code security audits, to jointly promote the development of blockchain security.

In order to better enhance the security of the blockchain, CertiK will leverage the talents of security professionals, alongside the CertiK security suite, to help Heco build a complete closed loop of technology development, application promotion, and transactions, and create a more secure blockchain ecosystem.

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