CertiK Chain Ambassador Program

Originally published
November 19, 2020

CertiK Chain Ambassador Program

In life, there come points in time for all of us when we're able to reflect on what defines who we are. When we're able to recite our affiliations or memories and smile at the paths we took to become the individuals we are today. During that time some may also freight, while others reminisce the time well spent. Over at the CertiK Foundation, we understand exactly what defines us as a blockchain project and we also understand the type of individuals we'd like to bring onboard for this revolutionary journey. Our team is dedicated to ushering in a new era in innovation for blockchain security, and we're extending our call to action abroad. We'd like for enthusiasts, builders, writers, and all who seek the opportunity to leave their mark on this exciting journey we've started on. With the recent announcement of our Ambassador program, we'd like to extend our welcome once more to individuals with a passion to make a difference within this growing industry for a greater cause. We hope you seize this limitless opportunity with us as we delve into an exciting chapter in the new decade.

Why Become an Ambassador?

Community next to product is the most important aspect of growing a successful entity within this industry. With interests in CertiK's Chain ranged globally we understand that our team, while large still cannot tackle our ambitions alone. With our vast community, we see every day in our channels bright, enthusiastic, and very informative individuals give insight or reach out for secondary opportunities to be apart of our mission. Now couldn't be a better time for us to kickstart this program and help not only expand our community presence but also grow our public image for those around us. Our Ambassador program offers limitless opportunities for our community and those abroad to leave their mark.


  • Early access to contests, bounties, and events
  • Special access to exclusive events, Ambassador-only communities, and meetings with the CertiK Chain team
  • Free CertiK swag and other gifts
  • ...and much more

How to Become an Ambassador

Application Process

Following form submission, you'll get to get on a short call and chat with our community management lead to discuss your interests and the expectations of the ambassador role. Upon confirmation and approval, you'll receive a short welcome email and a follow-up call to discuss where you'd like to kick-start your journey with us.

What to Expect as an Ambassador

Understanding that while our Ambassador program is critical to our development we'd like to stress there is no barrier to entry. Our team strives to deliver a sincere and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who supports our mission and encourages anyone to reach out and see how they can contribute. We only expect those interested in our program to uphold professionalism, respect fellow community members, and all-around be kind to those you'd interact with.


  • Ability to speak, read, and write in English or Mandarin Chinese
  • Ability to work in teams as well as independently
  • Regular engagement with the CertiK Chain community, completion of volunteer work, or sending high-quality feedback

Potential contributions include

  • Host Meetups
  • Online webinar or workshops
  • Translate content
  • Coordinate community initiatives with team members
  • building online communities for your locality
  • Participating in and helping moderate community channels (e.g. Telegram)
  • Working on improvements to CertiK Chain's documentation, tutorials, or other technical literature


What if I don't want to commit to an ongoing role?

No problem, we have a program for such as well and follows a similar submission form and call structure. If interested in one-off work, or short term commitments still fill the form and we’ll contact you within 48 hours.

Are there paid opportunities?

While this is not a paid opportunity we understand there can be assignments that could incur secondary costs. We'd encourage you to follow through with the application form and discuss further scenarios when they arise with our community management team.

How long does the application take?

The form is a simple submission that takes no longer than three minutes to fill, with follow up from our team to be expected within 48 hrs.

Typeform link - https://certikfoundation.typeform.com/to/ieMbHObK