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Originally published
April 1, 2020

Innovative chain security features now available, testnet users incentivized with CTK

(March 30, 2020) CertiK Foundation, the nonprofit technology group pioneering Formal Verification and security in blockchain, has launched CertiK Chain’s Full Testnet along with DeepWallet, a feature-rich wallet application that can securely store CTK, the chain’s native utility coin. The Foundation will also be running an incentive program to boost activity on the chain and reward early adopters.

The CertiK Chain is a public blockchain that dramatically improves blockchain security by using military-grade, enterprise technology to build a secure ecosystem from the ground up. With the Full Testnet release, users will now have better control over their smart contracts on the Chain and can choose to limit interactions to verified smart contracts. Smart contract safeguards are inherent features of the CertiK Chain, made available to all on-chain smart contracts. In future versions of CertiK Chain, users will also be able to leverage the security features of the chain on smart contracts that run on other chains.

Released together with the CertiK Chain Full Testnet is the test version of DeepWallet, a feature-rich web-wallet application. Users will be able to create their wallets to store, send, receive, and stake CTK; additionally, users will be able to deploy and call smart contracts straight from the DeepWallet interface.

An incentive program funded by CertiK Foundation is also set to go live soon after the launch of the Full Testnet, providing users opportunities to earn CTK as rewards. Those interested in participating are encouraged to sign up for the Foundation’s newsletter at to receive further information on the program when they become available.

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About CertiK Foundation

The CertiK Foundation is a security-first technology group dedicated to advancing more secure programming methods to ensure that algorithms, protocols, and business functionalities are secured and working as intended for safer, more trustworthy software programs.


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