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Originally published
September 9, 2020

CertiK Chain Goes Open Source

Today we’re thrilled to announce that CertiK Chain, including some key components in the overall CertiK Chain ecosystem, such as DeepSEA and CertiK Security Oracle, are open source! This is a huge milestone for our community,  the protocol, and the blockchain ecosystem

By open sourcing our codebase, we’re encouraging the Blockchain community, bug hunters, white hat hackers, security engineers and open-source developers to roll up their sleeves and dive deeper into CertiK Chain’s capabilities. Easily spin up the CertiK Chain network and gain a deeper understanding of CertiK Chain’s design, finding and fixing bugs, integration with other tooling, and contribute to CertiK Chain’s code base and evolution.

Thorough feedback and comments are greatly welcomed. Interested in participating in our ongoing development? Feel free to fill out this survey and be the first to learn about upcoming bounties and other opportunities to earn rewards! You may also visit us on Discord. Our team will help you get acquainted with our codebase, plus, you can join the conversation about what’s in the development pipeline. 

A Security-Focused Blockchain Ecosystem, Now Open Source

Our mission is to provide provable trust for all. To achieve this, we’re open sourcing our technology to provide the necessary tools to the community so that we can stimulate growth and build a more secure blockchain ecosystem together. Now, anyone can begin building decentralized applications and additional services that integrate with CertiK such as wallets, explorers and security primitives. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use our technology and further extend the protocol’s abilities and reach.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb  

We’re making an open call for our code to be thoroughly examined and tested by anyone. We felt that the most efficient way to do this was by open sourcing DeepSEA, the CertiK Security Oracle and the CertiK Chain. With the help of the entire blockchain community, we sincerely hope that people will actively scrutinize our code, find errors and point them out to us. We believe this is the best way to build a strong community, a robust protocol and most importantly, a decentralized, secure blockchain ecosystem.

We’ve laid our cards on the table to signal our dedication to transparency and trust. Open sourcing not only assists our development, we believe that this is a more sustainable way to build and develop our technology. We want to empower the community by allowing them to become custodians of our code and helping us build a more secure environment for the entire blockchain community. 

What’s Available Now?

CertiK Chain, an interoperable and security-focused blockchain which offers built-in components to facilitate the handling of security inquiries from other chains. This includes a range of combinators that are tailored to solve a diversity of security problems smart contracts may be exposed to.

CertiK Security Oracle, a novel system for guarding on-chain transactions by bridging DeFi smart contracts with industry-leading security checks in a decentralized fashion. By calling the Security Oracle, contracts receive a response with security intelligence, aggregated from a network of Oracle Operators. Smart contracts could then make better decisions on any impending transactions.

DeepSEA Toolchain, a secure programming language and compiler toolchain developed by the CertiK team to write inherently secure smart contracts. We believe that smart contracts can be written in an inherently secure and correct way. DeepSEA proves security and correctness throughout the creation process by formally verifying correctness properties using the Coq proof assistant. Additionally, the DeepSEA compiler both compiles the contract into EVM bytecode, and also outputs the representation that can be loaded into Coq.

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