CertiK Community Alert Bounty

Originally published
March 23, 2021

One of our core goals is to support the ever-growing blockchain ecosystem. With the parabolic rise in the DeFi industry, it’s a great shame to see malicious projects pull the rug from under the feet of investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and early adopters of the new financial system.

This is why we’ve launched this bounty programme. With the support of our tight-knit community, we can continue to create a more secure blockchain-based ecosystem. 

Over on our Twitter account we’ve been alerting our community in regards to potential risks as and when we receive relevant insights and conduct our evaluation. 

But without you, we won’t be able to cover all the bases as efficiently as we’d like to! Our whistleblowing bounty is set to award 100-500 CTK for the first individual who provides relevant security insight to a project featured on the Security Leaderboard. 

How to Report a Security Incident

If you’re aware of a relevant security incident regarding a project which is listed on the CertiK Security Leaderboard, and you wish to blow the whistle, then head over to their project page, hit the flag icon, and fill out the form. 

Voila. You’ve just made a difference in the security of the DeFi ecosystem. Thank you.

If the project isn’t listed on the Security Leaderboard, feel free to select a project at random and share the details, including the name of the project which you wish to highlight the security of, via the form which will be displayed.

Soon, we’ll have a dedicated page over on our website to provide more information regarding the Alert Bounty alongside an easy route to report your security alerts!

CertiK is a globally decentralized organization with a mission to support the blockchain ecosystem through improvements in security. We endeavour to react to security threats in a timely fashion.

If you share the same mission as us - our door is always open. Check out our LinkedIn page here and may your next journey be with CertiK!