CertiK Foundation Set To Launch Shentu-2 Upgrade

Originally published
August 9, 2021

In November of 2020, we embarked on a quest to conquer one of the greatest challenges in the blockchain ecosystem by providing provable trust for all, giving users access to on-chain, decentralized security intelligence that is immediately accessible to anybody at any time. We knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task trying to secure the blockchain and promote community confidence, but we forged ahead despite the many obstacles to deliver Shentu-1 which was our first attempt at building a Security Infrastructure for Blockchain.

Since then almost 12 months later we have learned a lot and are ready to implement the next evolution of the security-focused blockchain solution, on August 31st, 2021.

Alongside the Chain itself, the CertiK Foundation has launched a full suite of security-focused solutions, including the Security Oracle and CertiKShield, alongside a hyper-secure digital infrastructure stack made up of including DeepSEA, CertiKOS, and the CVM.

The mission of the CertiK Foundation is to empower people to trust in blockchain, and this is what we’ve delivered since 2017 and intend to continue indefinitely.

As more traditional industries become exposed to the blockchain, there is a growing need for better security. In support of Web3 vision, the Shentu-2 CertiK Chain upgrade was conceived.

The Shentu-2 upgrade launch is based on the Stargate release by Cosmos SDK, which represents an important milestone for the Cosmos project and offers a plethora of improvements and features such as,

  • Chain Size Reduction
  • Protobuf Migration
  • Faster State Sync
  • Automatic Chain Upgrades
  • Full eWasm Support

This upgrade brings compatibility with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. By leveraging IBC, CTK can be traded on IBC-enabled AMMs (e.g. Osmosis, Gravity Dex) with other IBC-enabled assets. Being IBC compatible is set to bring further attention and community development to the CertiK Chain, as well as enabling integrations of the invaluable innovations the Cosmos ecosystem has to offer.

We at CertiK are excited for this upgrade, and we hope the community is too! The Shentu-2 upgrade is such an important moment for the CertiK Chain, bringing us closer to fulfilling the promise of becoming the “Guardians of the Blockchain”and delivering our vision of provable trust for all*.* Stay tuned to our social media for more upcoming updates and announcements!

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