CertiK Partners with NuCypher

Originally published
February 26, 2021

CertiK has partnered with NuCypher to empower a secured decentralized ecosystem.

The CertiK team is excited to become an integral part of the NuCypher network as a trusted node validator and support NuCypher alongside their strong network of existing supporters. CertiK looks forward to collaborating with the team joining the thriving NuCypher ecosystem.

“It’s exciting to see CertiK join the NuCypher network as a staker and node operator. In addition to their leadership in the smart contract auditing space, Certik boasts a suite of products and tools that will boost the security and resilience of the network. We look forward to them engaging with both users, stakers, and other node operators!

— MacLane Wilkison, CEO of Nucypher

Through partnering with NuCypher, CertiK will be providing security intelligence for a larger base of users and developers which is ripe to be leveraged for decision making and software development.

Becoming a part of the NuCypher ecosystem as a node validator enables CertiK to share our vision of a secure decentralized world by leveraging our expertise and market-leading innovative security technology. CertiK will be dedicated to supporting all the security aspects of NuCypher protocol through our proprietary technologies and tools including Skynet, Security Oracle and CertiKShield.

Beyond this collaboration, CertiK will continue to seek additional partnership opportunities with leading blockchain-based projects in order to deliver our vision of provable trust for all throughout all facets of the wider blockchain ecosystem.

“Two of the core tenets of cryptocurrency endowed from Satoshi himself are privacy and security. The partnership between CertiK and NuCypher will serve to strengthen those characteristics on a grand scale by enabling an advanced layer of privacy and security for those utilizing the plethora of use cases that blockchain technology brings to the table.”

— Daryl Hok, COO of CertiK

About NuCypher

NuCypher is a data privacy layer for blockchain and decentralized applications. It gives developers a way to store, share, and manage private data on public blockchains.

The NuCypher network is a decentralized network of nodes that perform threshold cryptography operations serving users with secrets management and dynamic access control.

About CertiK

The CertiK Foundation is a nonprofit, research-driven organization with a mission to give people the power to trust in blockchain. By pushing forward the adoption of provably secure software, the Foundation hopes to raise the standards of security across the space. CertiK Chain provides developers with the safeguards and flexibility to code with confidence, facilitating blockchain adoption for developers, and large enterprises alike.