CertiK Spotlight: Base Protocol

Originally published
January 29, 2021

CertiK is proud to announce its collaboration with Base Protocol on an end-to-end security solution consisting of a security audit and CertiKShield membership.

Base Protocol (BASE) is a synthetic asset engineered to simulate the market patterns of its underlying asset — all cryptocurrencies. This allows users to agnostically speculate on every token, rather than just one or a select portfolio of multiple.

To secure sustainable TVL growth and demonstrate their dedication to best-in-class security, Base Protocol partnered with CertiK Foundation, the leader in blockchain security, to audit BASE Cascade v2 liquidity mining platform with Formal Verification and ensure correctness. In addition to conducting a security audit, Base Protocol has subscribed to a CertiKShield membership.

CertiKShield, a decentralized reimbursement mutual system for digital assets, provides Base Protocol with protection of funds up to $100,000 per 21 day period on a yearly basis. Additionally, a protection pool is opened for the Base Protocol community, empowering community members with the ability to purchase a Shield or coverage for their funds, making them eligible to claim reimbursement for lost or hacked funds while their Shield is active.

Audits are a crucial part of the security process but as hackers and bad actors become more sophisticated, it’s important to have dynamic protection. CertiKShield significantly mitigates the impact of a blockchain security event which results in your crypto assets becoming lost or stolen. Additionally, it provides a way for the community to leverage security without the need for trust.

✅ Base Protocol community members can learn more about CertiKShield by reading the definitive guide here.

✅ To purchase a Shield and protect your funds today, check out this video. You can also visit Shield.Certik.Org

✅ To stake $CTK as collateral and earn interest, check it out this video.