CTK Farming on Binance Launchpool Now Open!

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October 22, 2020

CTK Farming on Binance Launchpool Now Open!

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We’re banding together with Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, to bring CTK into the hands of our community. This gives you the opportunity to start earning CTK even prior to the launch of the CertiK Chain Mainnet.

The goal of Binance’s Launchpool is to invite Binance’s user base, of which there were over 15 million members in 2019, to the CertiK Chain network — one that prioritizes security and cross-chain interoperability front and center.

Binance Launchpool is opening the floodgates by enabling participants to earn CTK every hour by simply staking BNB, BUSD, or CTK.

CTK yield farming goes live on the Launchpool on 2020/10/23 0:00 AM (UTC). To begin, the only requirements are a Binance account and a BNB or BUSD balance to stake. On 2020/10/27 at 08:00 AM (UTC), Binance will list CTK with multiple pairings. The CTK you buy can also be used to stake in the CTK farming pool to earn even more CTK!

Check out our guide to getting involved below!

What is CTK?

CTK is the native fuel of the CertiK Chain and the wider CertiK ecosystem, playing a multi-faceted role that is crucial for CertiK Chain operations.

Here are a few ways to use CTK:

  • Pay gas to send transactions;
  • Purchase a Shield, which enables you to request reimbursement if your crypto is lost or stolen from hacks or code malfunctions;
  • Propose, and vote upon, governance proposals sculpting the future of CertiK Chain;
  • Pay for official CertiK security audits, Security Oracle operation, and CertiKShield operation.

Here are a few ways to earn CTK:

  • Stake on validator nodes to secure the network;
  • Provide collateral to CertiKShield to be used to protect Shield Purchasers;
  • Evaluate and vote on Claim Proposals to approve or reject reimbursement requests.

Why wait? Get a headstart on the CertiK Chain Mainnet release and join the blockchain security revolution early by getting involved with CTK yield farming on Binance Launchpool!

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy, you can follow the steps below to start earning CTK right away. Even before the farming starts, you can already stake your crypto during the preparation period, happening now!

  1. Navigate to the Binance Launchpool
  2. Choose a CTK pool to stake in.
    There are 3 separate CTK pools that you can stake in, each requiring a different cryptocurrency to unlock a separate basket of rewards: you can stake with BNB, BUSD, or CTK — you can use the CTK you earned through farming with BNB and BUSD, or you can buy CTK once we’re listed on 2020/10/27.

Voilà! Simple as that. Sit back and watch your crypto farm grow!

Pro-tip: Keep an eye on the CTK pool that requires CTK to be staked. This pool opens after CTK is listed, so it might not be as crowded — more rewards for you. This can be a great place to put your newly acquired CTK to work!

We’re sure some of you have some burning questions, and we hope we’ve covered them in our FAQ below:


Can I stake my crypto before the farming periods open?

Yes! You can stake your crypto now to have it automatically start farming when the farming period begins.

How much will I earn? What’s the APY?

On the Binance Launchpool, you’ll see each CTK farming pool with details of the following:

  • Reward Progress
  • Annualized Yield
  • Farming Period
  • Farming End Time

Is there a lock-up period?

Nope, you can withdraw your rewards and your stake to your Binance spot wallet at any time.

Which tokens can I participate with?

The only cryptocurrencies which can be used for CTK farming are BNB, BUSD and CTK.

The CTK farming pool opens at 2020/10/27 0:00 AM (UTC), a few days after the BNB and BUSD pools.

Where can I find out more information?

You can check out the detailed rules for farming CTK here.

When does CTK farming start?

You can stake your BNB or BUSD now on Binance Launchpool, and it’ll start farming immediately when the farming period opens at 2020/10/23 0:00 AM (UTC).

Will CTK be listed after the farming period?

Absolutely! CTK will be available for trading on Binance on 2020/10/27 8:00 AM (UTC) with the following pairings:





How do I earn more CTK after farming is over?

Following the launch of the CertiK Mainnet on October 24th, you’ll be able to withdraw your farmed CTK directly into your personal DeepWallet, delegate those to a validator node, and continue earning CTK from staking rewards (targeted APY is ~7%)!

Additionally, follow us for the latest updates about CertiKShield, where you can also stake your CTK to become a Collateral Provider, collecting a portion of the Service Fees paid by Shield Purchasers (this is on top of earning normal staking rewards for staked CTK). In exchange, Shield Purchasers may use your collateral as reimbursement if their crypto is lost from a hack or code malfunction — this is a higher risk, higher reward method of staking, so please DYOR!

As always, if you have any further questions about CTK on Binance Launchpool, or would simply like to join the CertiK Chain Community and contribute to the future of blockchain security, join our growing Telegram community here!