CTK Limited Time Only Pricing

Originally published
November 13, 2020

The 24th of October saw the launch of the CeritK Chain Mainnet and with it CTK, the native fuel of the Chain. With a plethora of utilities already under its belt, including on-chain governance and serving as a reward for Oracle Operators, CTK can also unlock special discounts for security services.

Now to show our support of CTK and the CertiK Chain ecosystem, we’re offering our clients the opportunity for a 20% discount on CertiKShield memberships, and a 10% discount, in addition to scheduling priority for their blockchain security audits up until 01/31/21.

With over $8b of digital assets secured through 220+ audits, amounting to over 118k+ lines of code, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re making our most valuable services even more accessible for our client base by incorporating discounts with $CTK payments.

Why do I need a CertiKShield Membership?

A CertiKShield Pool is a decentralized pool of CTK, this is used to reimburse lost, stolen, or inaccessible assets from any blockchain. Any amount of assets lost or stolen can be reimbursed by the members of the CertiKShield Pool.

Protect yourself and your community members from malicious attacks and security risks across all facets of the blockchain with a CertiKShield membership.

Interested? You can read more on our definitive guide on CertiKShield here. If you simply can’t wait to secure your project, then sign up here today.

By paying in $CTK, you’ll receive a 20% discount on the cost of your CertiKShield membership.

Our Security Auditees

A CertiK security audit is quickly evolving into a fundamental necessity for blockchain projects across the cryptosphere.

From DeFi to FinTech, from exchanges to stablecoins, it is difficult to identify a facet of the blockchain ecosystem which hasn’t benefited from a CertiK security audit.

Below, we will take a look at some of the clients who’ve entrusted their security audit with CeritK:

Crypto.com — One of the biggest players in the crypto industry to date. Bridging the gap between fiat and crypto, crypto.com users can access a plethora of services, including a crypto debit card enabling them to spend their crypto as they would fiat

Aave — DeFi Royalty. With a protocol market size currently sitting at almost $1B, there’s no wonder why Aave entrusted their security audit with us here at CertiK

Kava — As well as earning the accolade of ‘one of the best codebases CertiK has seen from a project’, Kava has been described as ‘the Uber of Bitcoin’. Rightly so, since Kava have distributed nearly $1.4m in rewards alone as of the time of writing.

TrueUSD — Stablecoins have truly cemented themselves as one of the heads of the hydra that is cryptocurrency. TrustToken built the trust in their fiat backed stablecoin, TUSD, through a CertiK security audit. With almost 255m in circulation, we think that must have worked!

There is no time like the present to reach out for an in depth security audit of your blockchain based project or protocol. In a hurry? Not only can all clients enjoy 10% off the total cost when paying with $CTK but you’ll enjoy scheduling priority too.

As soon as you’re ready to ensure the security of your project with a security audit, or mitigate the potential impact of a security bug in your smart contract with CertiKShield, head along to Binance to grab yourself some $CTK. When you’re ready to get started, fill out our contact form here.