DeepWallet Has Officially Entered Its Second Iteration

Originally published
June 9, 2020

CertiK Foundation is proud to announce DeepWallet 2.0. With a new user interface and easy crypto portfolio management, interacting with the CertiK Chain has never been easier.

Why DeepWallet?

Beyond a simple crypto wallet, DeepWallet is a deeply connected web application that interacts with the CertiK Chain. You can store, send, receive and stake CTK, as well as deploy and call smart contracts.

As DeepWallet enters its second iteration, upgraded functionalities and additional features have been added to create a user-friendly interface for anyone to engage with. It introduces validator badges, the transaction tracker, cryptographic certifications, and much more. Additionally, DeepWallet 2.0 highlights cross-chain compatibility, allowing users to securely store different assets and stake with validators they trust.

DeepWallet 2.0 Key Features

Portfolio Account Management

DeepWallet 2.0 comes with an enhanced set of portfolio features. Starting from the account creation process, DeepWallet is a secure, accessible, and convenient user interface for anyone to interact with. Simply sign up with an email address and walk through the secure account creation process to access your assets from any device.

After creating an account, you can store assets from any partnered Cosmos-based protocol by importing an address in the Portfolio tab. From there, you’ll see a summary of all accounts, including the total amount of assets from all connected wallets and the balance of each wallet.

Additionally, the DeepWallet portfolio includes a historical transaction tracker which automatically displays any approved transactions. You can also browse the transaction on the CertiK Explorer.


On the Validator page, you can delegate, undelegate, or redelegate your stakes to earn more awards. After successfully delegating CTK to any validator, you can see the total amount of delegation and total amount of reward earned from each validator. If you’d like to remove stake from a validator or move a stake to another validator, simply click the un-delegate or re-delegate button, respectively.

When evaluating validators, you can check details of each validator, including how much a validator is staking, their commission rates, and any attached security badges. Not only does this ensure security, but also empowers you with more information to make safer decisions when picking a validator. The different security badges include:

  1. Certified by CertiK: The validator node is verified, CertiK, to maintain true transparency and security
  2. Runs on CertiKOS: The validator node runs on CertiKOS, a fully verified hypervisor OS kernel that works as a military-grade secure enclave to protect nodes from hacker attacks.
  3. Powered by NoOps: The validator node is operated in accordance with NoOps, a secure and scalable platform that provides layered protection.

Smart Contract Management

DeepWallet 2.0 provides Solidity and DeepSEA smart contracts with security assurances throughout the full process, including live deployment and real-time execution. Unlike other Cosmos-based chains, the CertiK Chain compiles to the EVM on the smart contract level — enabling Solidity-based smart contracts.

On-chain smart contracts can be deployed directly from DeepWallet and recorded on the transaction tracker. You can interact with the contract by reviewing and verifying key parts of the smart contract.

In addition to the ability for smart contracts to be called and deployed directly from the wallet, on-chain contracts also contain cryptographic certificates that can validate other smart contracts’ security level and provide proof of proper security for all users. You can request certificates by contacting CertiK for an audit and verification process.


The CertiK Chain is committed to laying the security groundwork and providing better safeguards for both developers and users to transact securely. As the DeepWallet continues its upgrades, the promise of security and transparency remains a vital component.

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