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February 2, 2021

January 2021 — DuckDAO joins forces with CertiK to enhance both organizations’ go-to-market strategy and help one another connect with qualified stakeholders. CertiK will help DuckDAO position itself as a top choice for capital and marketing services among projects interacting with the organization.

DuckDAO will educate incubation projects across all tiers about auditing and digital asset insurance alternatives provided by CertiK, positioning it as the main provider for the DuckDAO ecosystem.

Regarding the partnership, a DuckDAO business development representative said:

“This partnership will result in ease of access for both organizations to core stakeholders. CertiK regularly audits and protects digital asset companies who need capital or marketing services. On a monthly basis, DuckDAO may communicate with hundreds of projects, many of which need services provided by the foundation. The partnership simply makes sense.”

CertiK Business Development Manager, Marco Calicchia, said:

“CertiK is on a mission to assist the broader DeFi space in properly applying decentralized security principles. We understand the temptation for developers to describe their project as “experimental” and hope for the best. However, a single setback may hurt the entire space, so together with DuckDAO, we will not only educate, but empower a secured DeFi ecosystem, one project at a time.”

The partnership commences immediately, with efforts to share research and data to improve market understanding, develop collaborative marketing campaigns, and reach novel audiences.

About CertiK

The CertiK Foundation is a nonprofit, research-driven organization with a mission to give people the power to trust in blockchain. By pushing forward the adoption of provably secure software, the Foundation hopes to raise the standards of security across the space. CertiK Chain provides developers with the safeguards and flexibility to code with confidence, facilitating blockchain adoption for developers, and large enterprises alike.

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DuckDAO is a community-based digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or ten thousand ducks?

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🏆 DuckDAO joins forces with CertiK Foundation 🏆

With this partnership, the two organizations will support each other’s go-to-market strategy and help connect to qualified stakeholders.

This is a step that will provide benefits to DuckDAO incubation projects in the long-term by guaranteeing the availability of quality auditing and digital asset protection services.