Join the CertiK Chain Ambassador and Volunteer Programs

Originally published
June 2, 2020

CertiK Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the CertiK Chain Ambassador and Volunteer Programs!

As development of the CertiK Chain continues, we’d like to involve our community in a more formal manner so that we can build and reinforce decentralization in the governance and usage of the platform. Community members who engage regularly with other members and the CertiK Chain team are encouraged to apply for the Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are the core of our community. You believe CertiK Chain will create higher standards for blockchain security, and you want others to share that belief too. As an ambassador, your enthusiasm for our technologies is infectious, stemming from an intellectual curiosity and a belief in what we’re building.

By becoming an ambassador, you can offer ongoing support for fellow community members, taking on various roles to help grow the support around CertiK Chain!

Check out the full details on the Ambassador Program and apply here.

The Volunteer Program

Perhaps you’re not sure whether you have the time to support the community as an ambassador but you still want to help; the volunteer program is a great way to contribute without the commitment that the Ambassador Program needs.

You can think of the Volunteer Program as a bounty board — to find the latest active bounties available, check out the Volunteer Program page here.

Join the Community

If you’re new to the CertiK Chain community, check out the CertiK Foundation Community page for ways you can participate and engage!

About CertiK Foundation

The CertiK Foundation is a nonprofit, research-driven organization with a mission to give people the power to trust by providing the best Formal Verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems.