Positive Start to Spring, CTK Exchange Listings and Strategic Partnerships ✅

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March 2, 2021

Positive Start to Spring, CTK Exchange Listings and Strategic Partnerships ✅

February has been another record-breaking month for the crypto world, with the market cap of Bitcoin alone reaching one trillion dollars (yeah, trillion), institutional money free-flowing into crypto, and the parabolic rise of BSC usage.

Here at the CertiK Foundation, we haven’t forgotten one of the core tenets of blockchain technology that underpins all this; security. This month has marked some milestones in our quest to achieve provable trust for all, including a plethora of partnerships, increased availability of CTK with additional exchange listings, and the APY for collateral provision in CertiKShield reaching a massive 17.26.%+!

Let’s kick it off and check out some of the achievements from the Foundation in February.


CTK Exchange Listings

The fuel of the CertiK Chain and your key to an unparalleled level of security through the security suite of the CertiK ecosystem, including CertiKShield, is now available on both BitFinex and Tokocrypto


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On February 19th CTK was listed on Bitfinex with a USD and a USDT pairing. Bitfinex is a top 10 crypto exchange headquartered in Hong Kong.


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On February 24th CTK was listed on Tokocrypto with a BNB and BTC pairing. Tokocrypto is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Indonesia. Not only have they listed CTK, we’ve formed a partnership with the Binance backed exchange to cement CertiK as their preferred security auditor. We’re thrilled to expand the accessibility of CTK to millions of exchange users worldwide!


Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes. We’re firm believers of that here at the CertiK Foundation which is why we’re constantly pushing out new partnerships and onboarding projects in the CertiK Chain ecosystem to build a more secure blockchain-based future.

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Binance Smart Chain Partnership

A faster, cheaper, alternative to the Ethereum blockchain has bloomed in the form of Binance Smart Chain. CertiK will take pride of place when it comes to security in the BSC MVB Accelerator Program. Check out our announcement in full here.

Strategic Partnerships

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We’ve formed a strategic partnership with BeastDAO, a decentralized incubator, and platform for developers to deploy projects and raise capital with cross-chain interoperability.

The CertiK Foundation will provide new projects on their platform with best-in-class security services and competitive pricing.

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Kylin Network

Kylin Network aims to build a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot. Whilst they’re continuing to build essential infrastructure in the Polkadot ecosystem, the CertiK Foundation will serve to secure their code and provide protection for Kylin and their community through CertiKShield.

Security Suite Integrations

A fundamental stepping stone on our journey to providing provable trust for all is the integration of the CertiK security suite into other projects’ infrastructure. Whether that’s

Wault Finance

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The Wault Finance team have unlocked an advanced level of protection for themselves and their community by joining CertiKShield! Wault Finance is shaping up to be a major player in the DeFi space on Binance Smart Chain, we’re excited to be providing security for their existing and future endeavors.


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With the goal of being the most widely used oracle on the Binance Smart Chain, BerryData has recognized the importance of security when it comes to achieving their goal. BerryData Oracle meets CertiK Security Oracle!


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The hyper-optimised cross-chain yield aggregator, autofarm, is currently in the onboarding process for a security audit which will later lead to enhanced protection through the opening of a CertiKShield pool.

Goose Finance

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The golden goose of the Binance Smart Chain has been equipped with our security toolchain, Skynet, alongside a comprehensive security audit and an advanced level of protection for $EGG with CertiKShield.


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Following our aforementioned strategic partnership with BeastDAO, we were lucky enough to have the team join us on our Telegram channel to host a wonderfully successful AMA with our community. If you missed it, don’t fret! You can catch the full roundup here.

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Spring Festival Celebration!

Last month saw us celebrate the Spring Festival at the CertiK Foundation. With this Chinese New Year being the year of the Ox (coincidence, anyone?), we thought it would be apt to spread the love with a giveaway! To reward the community and to show appreciation for everyone’s loyal participation, we will be conducting more events and giveaways in March!

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Security Roundtable — Clubhouse

Our very own Aaron Leibowitz, Daryl Hok, and Mario Calicchia hosted a Security Roundtable over on Clubhouse this month. With some wonderful names from the blockchain space joining them, they discussed all things security at the best time to discuss it; before a security incident occurs.

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How far will institutions go to acquire BTC? Bear or bull? BSC or Ethereum? It looks like the month of March is shaping up to answer some of these questions. Regardless of the outcome, the CertiK Foundation will continue to innovate, progress, and expand, in order to achieve our goal of provable trust for all throughout all facets of the blockchain ecosystem.

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