Redeem CTK With Shentu Games Points

Originally published
November 30, 2020

Congratulations to all of the Shentu Games participants who have been patiently waiting to redeem their CTK with the points they earned. We’ve been designing an intuitive way for you to log in to your DeepWallet and easily redeem CTK.

To redeem CTK, you’ll need to first make sure you’ve passed KYC. Then, you’ll be able to login and head over to the Shentu Games dashboard. Click on the ‘redeem’ tab and you’ll see two options.

Option 1 (100:1)

Here, you’ll be able to redeem CTK at a ratio of 100:1. That means that for every 100 points you’ll get 1 CTK but this is only valid once up to 500 points total.

Option 2 (20:1)

Here, you’ll be able to redeem CTK at a ratio of 20:1 but there will be some requirements to be met.

You’ll need to make sure that for every 1 CTK you want to redeem, you have 10 CTK in your wallet’s balance. For example, redeeming 500 points for 25 CTK (1000/20) would require you to have a balance of 250 CTK in your wallet to access this ratio.

Once you’ve redeemed your CTK, feel free to stake it in a CertiKShield to earn even more rewards. Please note that the 20:1 ratio in option 2 will only be available for 1 month and CTK can only be redeemed once a week. After one month, the ratio will automatically change to 100:1.