Security Leaderboard for DeFi

Originally published
January 8, 2021

There are many conventional approaches to ameliorate blockchain security problems in a centralized fashion — however, despite how effective they are, security risks still persist.

We believe that in a decentralized world, each and every blockchain enthusiast should be empowered to contribute to a safe and trustworthy ecosystem.

Decentralized security solutions are needed to complete blockchain security and to further enhance one of the core value propositions of the technology; decentralization.

As a response to this growing need, we have developed innovative, decentralized security solutions with cutting-edge technology, each designed with a security mindset — CertiK Security Oracle and CertiKShield.

Reflecting some of the core tenets of blockchain technology, our decentralized security solutions are both interconnected and transparent for all.

Through CertiK Security Leaderboard.

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Enthusiasts: We offer a trusted resource for comprehensive, in-depth security insights.

Enterprises: Every developer, project, and blockchain-based protocol can tap into an unfettered database of security insights, ensuring they have their required security insights met in order to succeed

Everyone: Providing a collection of top-performing projects in the blockchain security space; everyone is able to access this information on-demand

Good products speak for themselves. Visit and stay tuned to experience the next steps in decentralized security for DeFi, today, and tomorrow.