Stake with CertiK on Binance Smart Chain!

Originally published
March 17, 2021

CertiK is proud to announce the launch of our Binance Smart Chain validator node, marking a new milestone in our partnership by furthering the creation of a secure staking ecosystem. 

Now we need your help to reach the required $BNB stake  to become one of the 21 elected Validators on the Binance Smart Chain.

Stake your $BNB with CertiK now by visiting our node info page:

Why CertiK Qualify?

CertiK has established and flourished a security focused partnership with BSC since day one, providing support to many high-quality projects in the BSC ecosystem.

With a team of in-house security experts to ensure validator health and security,we will become a reliable validator for the BSC community.

Some advantages of our security-first staking infrastructure design:

  • Multi-Layered protections to prevent node attacks 
  • Maintenance of node stability and uptime whilst eliminating slashing & other penalties
  • Balance between technical and business insights

If, with your help, CertiK successfully becomes one of the 21 node validators, all the staking rewards will be used for Research & Development efforts of Security Leaderboard and Skynet, paving the way for delivering more premium and robust security offerings. Ultimately; they will serve to improve the security of the wider blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

What is the Security Leaderboard and Skynet?

CertiK believes that in a decentralized world, each and every blockchain enthusiast should be empowered to contribute to a safe and trustworthy ecosystem. As a response to this growing need, we have developed innovative, decentralized security solutions with cutting-edge technology, such as Skynet and Security Oracle. 

As we utilize Skynet and Security Oracle alongside our world leading cybersecurity services to assess blockchain projects’ security status, we want to make that information available and transparent for all, so that we can support well-informed decision making throughout the crypto and blockchain world.

That’s why we designed Security Leaderboard, focusing on constantly delivering data and intelligence regarding DeFi security.

And one more thing, we’ve been running the BSC-oriented Security Leaderboard, providing data and intelligence for the community to interact with BSC more smoothly and securely. Check it out in action here!

To BSC projects

We are always here to support you with a range of security services from development to post deployment. Now we are running a staking promotion exclusively for awesome BSC projects like yours: Stake to our CertiK node and get discounts on our security services! Interested? Send us an inquiry here.

Stake to the CertiK node and see how we’re set to enhance the security guarantees of the ever-flourishing BSC ecosystems!