The CertiK April Roundup

Originally published
May 3, 2021

Spring has truly sprung at CertiK HQ and it’s with that very same spring in our step that we bring you the CertiK April Newsletter!

Reflecting the rapid movements of the crypto market, the team at the Foundation have had another busy month. With a refreshed homepage on the Security Leaderboard, our newest live showcase series, and plenty of AMAs spreading the word on all things security in blockchain, we’re sure this roundup will be a good one. Happy reading!


CertiK Validator Node on Binance Smart Chain

In case you missed it, and in light of the CertiK Foundation having been incubated by Binance Labs, we’ve rolled out our very own Binance Smart Chain validator node.

BNB holders can stake their BNB to our validator to secure the chain and, of course, be rewarded in the process.

LIVE Showcase — Security Leaderboard

As part of our efforts to provide transparent security data and highlight the best of the blockchain world we’re hosting a weekly showcase shared live-streamed on our channels.

Our LIVE Showcase series gives you the chance to ask your burning questions to top DeFi project and get more insights into what’s to come on the project roadmap, and, of course, their security.

Security Leaderboard — New Look

With a new month comes a new look! We’ve spruced up the Security Leaderboard homepage to make the experience a little smoother when it comes to doing your own research.

Community Alerts

The eagle eyed of you might have noticed the addition of the Community Alert section which was added late last month. Our community is invited to share any security concerns, and blow the whistle, regarding any blockchain based project, whether it’s listed on the Security Leaderboard yet or not.

Our Community Alert system has been a huge hit so far, with alerts coming in from our security-dedicated community on the daily!

Have you identified a security flaw, rug pull, or suspicious activity around a blockchain based project? If so, share it with us for the chance to get your hands on some $CTK!

  1. Head over to the Security Leaderboard
  2. On the right hand side you’ll see ‘CertiK Community Alerts’ — hit the bell
  3. Fill out the form with as much information as you have to share

Voilà! You’ve just played your part in making the blockchain ecosystem a little safer. Thank you.

The importance of this cannot be understated, with billions of dollars locked in DeFi projects there is a real stake at play.


Kylin Network AMA

As part of our LIVE Showcase series we host projects and in a live AMA session each week. The latest of which was Kylin Network.

CertiK’s very own Aaron Leibowitzwas joined by Dylan Dewdney, the CEO of Kylin Network, to take your questions and discuss all things security and Kylin.

Missed it? Don’t fret. Check out our roundup.


If, like us, you just can’t get enough of the Leaderboard Live showcases and the connections we’re creating between the CertiK Foundation community and that of other security-minded projects, then you’ll want to read the recap of the AMA with Multiplier Finance.

Yewnan, Multiplier Finance’s CTO, and Vinish, Head of Risk, joined Aaron Leibowitzto share some insights on what’s to come with Multiplier Finance.


AmaZix, a leader in blockchain community management, have joined forces with the CertiK Foundation to develop a joint offering. AmaZix will be providing projects with community management, CertiK’s end to end security, marketing, and legal advisory.

CertiK BSC Partnership AMA Recap

With over 25 different BSC based projects audited by CertiK, and the Foundation having been incubated by BinanceLabs, our connection with Binance Smart Chain is growing stronger by the day.

Connie Lam, the head of CertiKShield, alongside Aaron Leibowitz, our Leaderboard Live superstar and Business Development member, joined the Binance Smart Chain community for an in-depth AMA.


Education: Timelock & Rugpulls

Here at the CertiK Foundation we have a vision; provable trust for all. One of the steps on the road to achieving this vision is education. We take a security and education first approach, in synchronicity, to ensure the security of the wider blockchain ecosystem and, of course, to protect our community.

If you’re looking to learn a little more about timelocks and rug pulls in the world of crypto, including the risks, then check out our latest educational piece.

CertiK Heads to Cryptochurch

The CryptoChurch is a Clubhouse group focused on technology and innovation, specifically relating to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the emerging fields of DeFi and NFTs.

In line with their creed “Knowledge is Power,” hosts Darrian Aldridge and Cyn Bahati invited CertiK’s own Aaron Leibowitz to preach DeFi cybersecurity to the 22,000 members of the CryptoChurch congregation.

If you didn’t make it to the panel, don’t worry: we’ve got a roundup of what was discussed right here.

April has been a record-breaking month for many metrics in the cryptosphere, and we’re definitely feeling the buzz at CertiK HQ! On that note, it’s time to knuckle back down for yet another exciting month which is coming up on the horizon.

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