The CertiK January Roundup

Originally published
February 1, 2021

We’ve started 2021 with a bang, something we’ll be keeping up with throughout the year. Our community is continuing to grow, something which is echoed with CertiKShield, wallets supporting $CTK are more available than ever, and our partnerships with DeFi behemoths are maintaining their momentum.

It’s out with the old, and in with the new. We’re celebrating this with a number of giveaways on our Twitter account! Check our latest out here for a chance to win a share of $1000 in ETH. Good luck!

In the meantime, let’s take a look back at some of the monthly highlights from the CertiK Foundation HQ!


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Security Leaderboard

Similar to how crypto data aggregators provide a detailed overview of price data and other metrics related to crypto-assets, the CertiK Security Leaderboard serves to provide an in-depth look at the security of top DeFi projects.

The Security Leaderboard serves to assist enthusiasts, enterprises, and, indeed, everyone.

Enthusiasts: We offer a trusted resource for comprehensive, in-depth security insights.

Enterprises: Every developer, project, and blockchain-based protocol can tap into an unfettered database of security insights, ensuring they have their required security insights met in order to succeed

Everyone: Providing a collection of top-performing projects in the blockchain security space; everyone is able to access this information on-demand

Check out our announcement in a little more detail here.

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DeepSEA x Conflux Ecosystem

DeepSEA, a secure programming language and compiler toolchain developed by researchers from CertiK, Yale University, and Columbia University, was recently awarded a grant from the Conflux ecosystem! We’re more than excited to flex the security benefits of the most fundamentally secure operating system the world has seen.

Improvements to the DeepSEA compiler to accommodate bytecode features unique to Conflux VM have already been implemented. Check out our update here.

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CertiKShield Highlights

Our innovative, decentralized, solution to the issue of lost and stolen assets on the blockchain, CertiKShield, is continuing to expand.

Participants can now unlock unparalleled security on 9 tokens — with a tonne more to come:

  • BASE
  • CTK
  • MXX
  • WBNB
  • BUSD
  • CAKE
  • wNXM
  • KAVA
  • HARD

With a collateral pool rapidly expanding to almost 3M CTK, over 750,000 CTK of active assets in protection, and 4M CTK of total assets in protection, there’s no wonder why CertiKShield currently ranks 4th among alternative insurance offerings, and we’re just getting started.

The APY for providing collateral to CertiKShield currently sits at a little less than 15%, undoubtedly this serves as part of the reason the collateral pool is experiencing a boom in growth. If you’re looking to deposit CTK as collateral and earn a huge 14.61% APY in the process, check out our guide here.

Are you a project developer looking to provide the next level of protection for your project, assets, and your community? Get started by learning about the CertiK Chain ecosystem. If you want to learn more about what’s under the hood, join us on Discord.


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Harmony Protocol x Security Oracle

To empower a secured DeFi ecosystem Harmony has integrated CertiK Security Oracle enabling access to real-time, on-chain, security insights available to all.

Harmony chain will integrate CertiK Security Oracle, a real-time, on-chain security solution powered by Skynet, to provide security insights for users and dApp developers building on Harmony Protocol. Harmony will be awarding grants for applications that leverage CertiK tech stacks on Harmony as part of the $7M grant program.

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DYPFinance partnership

We’ve partnered with DYPFinance for a second time in order to deliver the highest level of security possible to their ever-growing DeFi ecosystem.

Having already integrated CertiK Security Oracle, powered by Skynet, the DYPFinance team has taken steps to further secure their platform with an additional security audit.

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CertiK Foundation x Stacktical

We’ve joined forces with Stacktical, the core development team of the DSLA protocol, to secure their upcoming launch.

DSLA Protocol is a risk management framework that gives anyone the ability to create, monitor and execute decentralized service level agreements and parametric insurance policies.

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CertiK Foundation x Base Protocol

We’re collaborating with Base Protocol to provide their ecosystem with a state-of-the-art en-to-end security solution which consists of both a traditional security audit alongside our innovative solution to lost and stolen assets on the blockchain; CertiKShield. Not only will this unlock an unprecedented level of protection for Base Protocol and their team, it opens the gates to CertiKShield coverage for all $BASE holders.

Community Updates

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Community Growth

Our presence on Twitter is stronger than ever. We’re thrilled with the response from our community, and the wider blockchain community, to our presence over there. Our follower count has grown by > 30% and currently sits at over 12,000.

If you haven’t followed us over on Twitter just yet, feel free to join us here. Oh, and whilst you’re there, why not try your luck on our latest giveaway! Good luck!

If you’re not a tweeter, then you’re more than welcome to join the team and our community for a chat in our Telegram channel.

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CertiK x DuckDAO AMA

We’ve teamed up with DuckDAO in a mutually beneficial partnership with aim of enhancing the position of both organizations when it comes to our market strategy and connections within the industry.

On January 20th some of the team from the CertiK Foundation jumped over to the DuckDAO Telegram channel to discuss all things CertiK, security, and our partnership. If you attended, then a huge thank you! Missed it? Not to worry, you can read the full roundup here

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CertiK x Binance Chain AMA

Connie Lam, Senior Engineer and Project Leader of CertiKshield, attended a live AMA session with Binance Chain on January 20th.

Here, Connie expressed her views on the future development trend of DeFi, noting that, with unprecedented growth come unprecedented risks from a security perspective and consequently, she expects DeFi development to focus on security facilitated via oracles and on-chain insurance alternatives.

“Due to the accelerated growth of decentralized finance, and the security risks which accompany it, we’re seeing the emergence of a much more security focused developer community alongside a more cautious approach from participants in this emerging ecosystem. Here at the CertiK Foundation we’re developing innovative solutions to the security problem which are accessible and open for all, including CertiKShield, our on-chain solution to lost and stolen assets, alongside CertiK Security Oracle which delivers real-time, on-chain, security data.

-Connie Lam, Senior Engineer and Project Leader — CertiKShield

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CTK x Keplr Wallet

$CTK, the fuel of the CertiK Chain, is now available on Kepl Wallet, a MetaMask like browser-plugin wallet.

Not only is the native asset supported, Keplr Wallet users can send, stake, and vote in governance proposals on the CertiK Chain directly from the wallet.

On another note, CTK is now listed on the market data aggregation platform, Messari.

If you’ve made it this far, then thanks for staying tuned! January seems to have set the tone, not only for the wider crypto market but for the CertiK Foundation, too. With a jam-packed month behind us, we’re ready to face the rest of 2021 with the same gusto as we have this past month.

We’ve seen some awesome levels of growth throughout multiple facets of the CertiK Chain ecosystem and we’re only expecting to keep up the pace!

If you’re not already, feel free to jump over to Twitter and give us a follow on there.

Prefer a more IM approach? Join the team and the community over on Telegram here.