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April 5, 2021

There are three letters on the lips of every crypto news organization this month; NFT. With March being host to the first digital artwork to be sold at the famed auction house, Christie’s, for a staggering $69m.

Whilst digital pioneers send ripples through the conventional art world through the power of blockchain, here at the CertiK Foundation we’re powering forward with our core goal in mind; delivering provable trust for all throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem.

March has been a packed month at the CertiK Foundation HQ, from the addition of another CertiKShield pool to the rollout of our Community Alert Bounty which is set to further strengthen our ability to deliver rapid security updates on an ever-growing list of blockchain-based projects.

On that note, let’s take a look back at all things CertiK Foundation for the month of March.


BSC Security Leaderboard

The explosion in the popularity of Binance Smart Chain, and the sheer number of projects being built upon it has prompted the rollout of a dedicated BSC Security Leaderboard.

Our Security Leaderboard serves as a window into the security levels, and efforts, of projects. Users are provided with the tools required to DYOR prior to pursuing a particular project or token.

The CertiK BSC Node

This month marked a milestone in our partnership with Binance Smart Chain with the launch of the CertiK validator node. With a team of in-house security experts to ensure validator health and security, we’re set to become a truly reliable validator within the BSC network.

$BNB holders can delegate to our validator node to earn lucrative rewards and to ensure the security of the Binance Smart chain. Check it out in further detail here.

Community Alert Bounty

To accelerate the goal of provable trust for all throughout blockchain, the CertiK Foundation has tapped into our most valuable resource; you, our community.

We’ve recently launched our Community Alert Bounty which empowers our community to blow the whistle on potential security flaws, or rug pulls, of DeFi projects enabling our team of security professionals to assess the situation and alert the community in a timely manner.

Our whistleblowing bounty is set to award 100–500 CTK for the first individual who provides relevant security insight to a project featured on the Security Leaderboard.

CertiKShield — Kylin Network

The Kylin Network has joined CertiKShield unlocking unprecedented peace of mind for themselves and, importantly, their community.

$KYL holders can protect their assets from unforeseen blockchain security incidents with our on-chain, community-governed, security solution, CertiKShield.


Huobi Eco Chain

To help developers build decentralized applications flexibly and efficiently, Huobi announced the official launch of the ecological chain Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) in December 2020.

For a public chain to be cemented as a leader in the space, security, at a fundamental level and beyond, must be awarded top priority.

As such, the CertiK Foundation has entered a strategic partnership with Heco in order to enhance the security of the chain by leveraging the talents of security professionals and the CertiK security suite.


BerryData AMA

Following on from last month’s announcement of our partnership with Berry Data, the BSC based oracle solution, our very own Aaron and Candice jumped into the Berry Data Telegram channel to take your questions, discuss our partnership, and talk all things security.

Missed it? Don’t fret. You can catch up with the AMA in our roundup here.

CertiK x Binance AMA

March was host to two AMAs with the CertiK Foundation team in a joint effort with Binance Turkey and the Binance Smart Chain community.

The team attending had an awesome time joining the communities to discuss all things CertiK and can’t wait to see you all again!

CTK is Live on StakingRewards

The CertiK Chain runs on a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) mechanism, as such, staking is a fundamental requirement in regards to securing the chain and ensuring optimization.

$CTK holders can delegate their CTK to a validator node in return for staking rewards. Now, with $CTK being listed on StakingRewards, our community has unlocked a detailed staking guide, a reward calculator, and a profile page for the CTK, the fuel for the CertiK Chain.

Beginner’s Guide to Security — Clubhouse

Marco Calicchia and Aaron Leibowitz from the CertiK Foundation joined a panel of DeFi security experts to share their thoughts on how users can strengthen their security and take advantage of all the space has to offer.

We believe security is at the core of all things DeFi. If you’re looking for some top tips to keep yourself safe in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance, then check out the Clubhouse roundup here.

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With the momentum of March behind us, the CertiK Foundation is marching into yet another bumper month with plenty on the horizon. You can keep up to date with all of our major announcements on our Medium blog and, of course, our local blog here.

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