Shentu Chain Light-paper

Originally published
October 26, 2020

On 24th October 2020, we announced the Mainnet launch of CertiK Chain, a highly secure, decentralized, interoperable blockchain.. Following the success of our testnet in March 2020, CertiK Chain’s Mainnet launch marks a significant milestone in our journey. Through built-in components facilitating ongoing security intelligence, CertiK Chain is setting a new industry standard in blockchain security protocols.

2020 is the year in which the security of blockchain has reached new heights. Gone are the days of relying on off-chain security analysis, static security audit reports, and lost hours performing DYOR for every DeFi protocol you wish to interact with. CertiK Chain and the surrounding protocols have paved the way for the next level of blockchain security.

The CertiK Foundation was built with a vision of provable trust for all — every blockchain, every smart contract, and every user. This core vision reflects the fundamentals of blockchain and, perhaps, those of Satoshi Nakamoto; provable trust will usher the path forward towards greater decentralization, transparency, and security.

The CertiK Chain is a Hydra in the world of blockchain security. In addition to the Chain, we have developed:

DeepSEA: Developed by researchers from CertiK, Yale University, and Columbia University, DeepSEA is the most secure programming language in which smart contracts can be written and formally proven.

Security Oracle: A cross-chain relayer of real-time security analysis, enabling streamlined, on-chain security information for users to access.

CertiKShield: A flexible, decentralized pool of funds for members to obtain reimbursements for any lost or stolen crypto assets.

We’re excited for CertiK Chain to not only raise the standards of security throughout the cryptosphere, but also to accelerate secure adoption, development, and innovation within the space. With real-time, on-chain security scoring and a membership-based reimbursement scheme, users can access blockchain networks with peace of mind.

CertiK Chain believes there is strength in numbers or, as the unofficial Bitcoin motto reads:

“Vires in numeris”

If you’d like to read more about our multifaceted solution to the security challenges facing DeFi, blockchain, and the crypto industry as a whole, you can read our Lightpaper here. For those wishing to dive in at the deep end, our recently published whitepaper can be found here.

Goodbye Testnet, Hello Mainnet

The CertiK Chain Mainnet was officially launched on 20th October 2020. Shentu Game Points earned will be reflected on DeepWallet as the Mainnet enters into a stable phase.

On 30th March 2020, CertiK was proud to announce the rollout of our Full Testnet, in addition to DeepWallet, a feature-rich wallet application that can securely store CTK. Shortly after, on July 15th, our Shentu Incentivized Testnet went live to an overwhelmingly positive response from our community.

Since then, our community has dived in at the deep end and truly got involved with every facet of the Shentu Games to experience diverse features built-in to CertiK Chain.

A Future of Interoperability

CertiK Chain has been designed, intrinsically, to be interoperable with other blockchains by using modules to bridge across any protocol. This elevates the standard of security across the entire space, bringing blockchain technology one step closer to enterprise standards and adoption.

CertiK Chain is positioned to be the infrastructure for provable trust for all — across protocols, smart contracts, and users. Security should not be a choice, but a necessity.

Get Involved

The CertiK Chain utilizes a delegated proof-of-stake protocol in order to secure the Chain, while enabling fast finality and scalable transactions. This, combined with CertiKShield, our Security Oracle, and our decentralized governance proposals, ensures that there are a plethora of ways for CertiK Chain users to get involved, collect CTK, and assist in sculpting the future of blockchain with security at the focal point.

CTK, the native fuel of the CertiK Chain ecosystem, is the utility coin used for a variety of tasks within the CertiK ecosystem, including, but not limited to:

  • Operating a validator
  • Delegating a personal stake to a validator
  • Participating in CertiKShield Pools
  • Encouraging Security Operators to assess smart contracts for Oracle scores

If you’d like to get involved and begin sending, staking, and storing your crypto with CertiK DeepWallet, then come along and sign up here.

Thank You

We’d like to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to participate in the Testnet, got involved with our community, and supported us on our journey to empower people to trust in blockchain.

Here at CertiK, we truly believe in the potential of blockchain and are excited to lead the way in using security to lay down the foundation for a more mature industry.

The Future

Although it’s true that the launch of the CertiK Chain Mainnet marks a monumental milestone in the history of the CertiK Foundation and, indeed, in the world of blockchain security, the team will not stop here. We will continue to iterate upon what we’ve already created and innovate the blockchain space with higher safeguards and more accessible functionalities.

However, we cannot do this alone.

Every developer will have the full support of CertiK for developing upon, or integrating, CertiK Chain for security purposes. Much of the CertiK Chain ecosystem, including the Chain itself, is entirely open source, and the doors for development that integrate the CertiK Chain have been opened reflectively.

Having secured more than $8B of digital assets, fostered partnerships with leading protocols such as Binance Smart Chain, and developed the infrastructure to provide real-time provable trust for all, we’re confident that the future is bright for CertiK, the CertiK Chain, and our community of users and developers.

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