Year-End Wrap Up

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December 31, 2020

December, much like the rest of 2020, has been a busy time here at the CertiK Foundation HQ but, it’s finally the end of the year and time for our annual wrap up! We’re excited to announce new shield pools, celebrate another birthday and look forward to the coming year!

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CertiKShield continues to flourish. We’ve got another year of learning under our belts, and now it’s time to look forward to 2021 for what is shaping up to be the best year yet for the CertiK Foundation.

The following pools were created to protect token holders:

Nexus Mutual

Joining a CertiKShield pool can serve to significantly mitigate the impact of a blockchain security event that results in your crypto assets becoming lost or stolen.

The benefits of CertiKShield don’t stop with pool participants. Participants on the CertiK Chain can opt to provide collateral to the CertiKShield collateral pool in return for compounding rewards at 13.3% APY.

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Launch of QuickScan

Quickscan is a security toolset that enables smart contract security analysis at unprecedented speeds through the use of static and dynamic security primitives. Ultimately, this enables CertiK clients to receive an insight into the security of their smart contracts at speeds that were never before possible, further solidifying the security of their projects for both themselves and their community.

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WNXM Arrives on CertiKShield

On December 14th the founder of Nexus Mutual was a victim of a hack that resulted in the loss of over $8m of Nexus Mutual tokens. As a response, we opened up the WNXM CertiKShield pool in order to enable best-in-class protection for all holders of WNXM.

Individuals who seek to protect their WNXM can join CertiKShield and purchase a WNXM Shield of their desired size. Check it out in detail here.

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CertiK Turns Three!

Check out our video!

The cryptocurrency space has changed substantially since 2017, and a lot more for the face of blockchain security thanks to the innovation of CertiK and the CertiK Foundation. Our all star team has grown to over 60 members, all of which are dedicated to delivering on our vision of provable trust for all throughout all facets of blockchain.

2020 Highlights

DeFi TVL Goes Parabolic

  • The rapid industry growth increased the need for professional cybersecurity services, positioning us for a spectacular year.

Bitcoin Smashes Through All-Time-High!

  • Interest in Bitcoin grows exponentially and so does the need to invest in blockchain security.

PayPal and Visa bet on crypto adoption

  • Top payments players make their investment in blockchain growth public indicating further crypto adoption.
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Our CertiK Foundation Twitter community was born this year and has already reached more than 10,000 followers. Telegram and Discord have also seen increased growth to more than 6500 community members.

Development of the CertiK Chain Ecosystem

10/20/2020 marked the birth of the first security-focused, interoperable, blockchain; CertiK Chain. This was made possible by you; our community. A huge thank you to each and every one of you who got involved with our incentivized Testnet back in March of this year, and for those who continue to utilize CertiK Chain and our product offering.

The CertiK Chain itself is just one aspect of the CertiK Chain Ecosystem, we’re thrilled with the rollout and expansion of our additional security solutions, including:

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Happy Holidays from The CertiK Foundation!

The previous highlights are, by no means, exhaustive of the achievements we’ve made here at the Foundation. Rather, they’re just a small handful of our favorites!

2021 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years yet for the cryptocurrency space, and blockchain security has never been more important. We’re going to continue to iterate and innovate to enable provable trust for all.

On that note; Happy Holidays from the whole team here at the CertiK Foundation HQ. Thank you for your unwavering support. We wish you all the best for the new year and are beyond excited to share our future developments with you, our community, and the entire cryptosphere.

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